Outline of a qigong class

Qigong and Tai Chi Healing Forms for increasing vitality and for health enhancement…easy to learn and to implement in one’s life. Regular practice can help reduce stress, build endurance, increase vitality, and aid in warding off illness. You learn valuable self-care skills that, with diligent practice, will benefit you for many years.

Qigong is like “Miracle-Gro” in its ability to awaken our self-healing ability.

Cloud Hands
Cloud Hands

Qigong and Tai Chi have …been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. Those who maintain a consistent practice of Qigong find that it helps one regain a youthful vitality, maintain health even into old age and helps speed recovery from illness. Western scientific research confirms that Qigong reduces hypertension and the incidence of falling in the aged population. One of the more important long-term effects is that Qigong reestablishes the body/mind/soul connection. When these three aspects of our being are integrated, it encourages a positive outlook on life and helps eliminate harmful attitudes and behaviors. It also creates a balanced lifestyle, which brings greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment. - (National Qigong Association)

Typical Class Outline

Opening Adjustments

  1. Adjust Posture
  2. Regulate Breath
  3. Clear the Mind and Focus Intent

Gentle movement with focused intent

  1. Opening Stance
  2. Flowing Motion
  3. Spine Flexing
  4. Combining Heaven and Earth
  5. Gathering Qi
  6. Tracing Channels
  7. Harmonize Heaven and Earth
  8. Send Qi
  9. Cut a Path to Clarity
  10. Watch Clouds Pass
  11. Gather Heaven and Earth
  12. Closing Procedure

Forms taught include Vitality Method (Bu Zheng Qigong,) Seven Precious Gestures, Nine Phases, Six Healing Sounds, Marrow Washing, Tendon Changing, and Tai Chi Easyâ„¢ from Roger Jahnke and the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi; Yin/Yang Medical Qigong, 17 Step Stationary Tai Chi from Grandmaster Jiang Jianye’s Health Preservation series; Zhan Zhuang/standing and sitting meditations; Reiki, Qigong Walking Forms including Tai Chi Walking and Guo Lin Qigong Walking, Ba Duan Jin/Eight Pieces of Brocade.

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